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Crete is a village in Will County, Illinois, United States. According to the census its population was 7,346, originally named Wood’s Corner. Crete is a home to the Bible League’s International Headquarters, Balmoral Park Racetrack, the Badlands paintball park, Heritage Park , and many other recreational activities. Catholics and Protestants are the largest religious groups in Illinois . At this present time in Crete Illinois state-regulated casino gaming come into view has a long shot. The officials of the Balmorak Park Race Track in Crete , Illinois are looking for some ways that casino in their place should be materialized. Fortunately, the said poker gaming in the country has proven to become real.

During Chicago Southland Festival of Racing, Balmoral Park Racetrack had opened a live poker room during the weekends. The gaming offers a very affordable tournaments and cash games. This is a way to market people in the place to come. Those people who are not used to come and play could see the good benefits of where their money goes if they will not win. The South Suburban Humane Society is a charitable institution. Whatever commissions or profit in this poker gaming will benefit the said charity. Though, it is a poker on the other hand, the live action will be closely related to casino-style reordering of cards and conducting as it gets.

It was then the Balmoral’s marketing department, Rob Hefner and the executives with Chicago Charitable games who made this event successful. The company joins together and participate charity casino nights for organizations in the land area of Chicago . According to Rob Hefner, Balmoral’s marketing officer, Chicago Charitable Games representative approached him during their golf outing and said to him about the idea of having a poker game in the country. After they agreed both eventually ran it past the state, the license was granted to hold eight charitable poker events per year.

The charitable poker tournaments are run in the region on a regular basis only. People in the place will definitely enjoy playing poker games because it offers affordable buy-in thus gives you also a chance to win big prizes and large amount of cash during competitive situation. There is a minimum age that can join and participate in the charity poker tournaments. You must be at least 18 years old. The charitable poker tournament is open every Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 noon until 10:00 p.m. The location of the room was in the private area in the mezzanine section of the track. Inside the room are thirty tables, each table has 10 seats. The sellers who run the tables professionally were expressly trained by Chicago Charitable Games, included volunteers from the South Suburdan Humane Society.

Last summer when Balmoral had given a try to have this event that was only happen a one- day charity event. They just wanted to do a test how the tournament runs.. Luckily, there are about three hundred people came out for it, though there are other competing charity event held on the same date. Now, that there will be no more competing charity events held , Chicago Charitable Games were expecting to have an area of six hundred to seven hundred players joining in the said poker tournaments. WSOP Mega Deepstack Tournament was the main event with the buy-in of $200.00 and the top award of $12,000.00. The top award also is a prize package for the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas .

The buy-in of the poker tournaments’ are: at noon with $20.00 Early Bird Tournament, $25.00 for single table tournaments and buy-ins of $50.00, every Saturdays and Sundays. Late night tournaments at 6:00 p.m., the buy-in on Saturday are $100.00 while Sunday’s buy-in is $60.00.

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