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Let It Ride Poker Strategy

Let It Ride –it also like poker hand game and it was played on a blackjack table, it also have a 52 card deck. Every player must be tried to get of tens or more with up to three bets “riding”. The bet placement table layout, from the players view, is shown at the right.

The players of the Video Poker, they don’t need to compete against in the other gamers or the dealer, but all rewarded for good poker hands it will received. Every player it will combine their three dealt cards with two community dealer cards to make their final poker hands.

Play Procedure and Rules

For those players they will make 3 equal bets, in the three circles marked “1”,”2″ and “$” it was in the right to left. And the dealers they will three cards of each player and then two community cards, face, down, to him.

When the player will watch in his 3 cards, it may be cancel in his bet within Circle 1 through the signal of the dealer to push it back to him, or he can “ let it ride” and stay in play. If the player will choose to let a bet ride they need to stay on the table until the end of the hand. Likewise when a bet is withdrawn, it stays out of play.

If the dealer will turn one by there two cards to face up. The player it can take to his Circle 2 bet to back or he can let it ride. When the circle 1 is not restricted and the option of circle 2 in any way. If the player will done to make a circle 2 they will choice the betting is over because the $ circle bet always stays in play.

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